Collection: Midi Fuse Battery Plates & Kits

What makes CVD so unique is that we have taken the next step for you by manufacturing multiple different Battery Plates for simply and smart mounting of these Midi Fuse Holders whether it be for inside your Engine Bay, Canopy's and/or In-Vehicle Mounting. 

To make it even easier we sell the item individually or in Part and Complete Kit Form giving you the ultimate easy installation packages on the market. Our Kits includes items such as; Midi Fuses, Midi Fuse Holders, Mounting Plate/s, Multiple Mounting Bolts, Tinned Copper Cable Lugs and we can even include our Custom Positive (+) 3into1, 4into1 or 5into1 Power Cables and our kits will suit both your Start Battery and/or Auxiliary (Dual) Batter setups.