Collection: LED Light Globes & LED Light Sets for Cars

Upgrade Your Off-Road Experience Today

Illuminate your adventures with our cutting-edge LED lights for cars in Australia!

We have a small Range of High-Quality LED Globes that can be used to upgrade your existing Bulbs, as well as a range of replacement LED Lights for some cars and models. 

When it comes to conquering the night trails and enhancing your off-road visibility, our selection of automotive LED lights and sets is your ticket to a brighter and safer adventure. We understand that the right lighting can make all the difference in your 4-wheel drive experience, and that's why we offer the latest LED technology to light up your journey.

Don't let the darkness limit your adventures. Whether you're a night explorer, camper, or off- road enthusiast, our 12-volt LED lights and sets here at Complete Vehicle Designs are the perfect companions for your journey. Illuminate the path ahead, boost your safety, and make your night drives as exhilarating as your day trips.

Browse our selection now and gear up with top-tier LED lighting solutions for the ultimate off- road experience. Because when the sun sets, your adventure is just beginning!