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T20 High Quality 45SMD 3030 Chip LED Turn Signal

T20 High Quality 45SMD 3030 Chip LED Turn Signal

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Absolute Highest Quality 
2000 Lumens
45SMD - 3030 Chip Globes

T20 Connection

These will fit Front or Rear of your LC200
(4 globes required to replace both Front and Rear Globes)

They will fit any vehicle with a T2 Amber Connector

Included in this Sale:

2 x LED T20 Amber Bulbs

Double Aluminum board, High-Speed turbo fan, one is canbus LED Driver, big Components; another is no-polarity led driver.

Item Descriptions:

100% Brand New & High Quality.
Replacement of turn signal light.

* Colour temperature: AMBER
*        Current: 2.2A
*        Canbus: Yes
* Voltage: DC 12V 
*         23Watt
* Beam Angle: 360
* LED Chip: 3030
* Lifespan: up to 50,000 Hours
* (New LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology reduces power    consumption.)

* Lumen: 2000lm

Interface Cross Reference: 7440, 1156, 3156 S25 T25
Bulb: SX271

NOTE: These bulbs/globes are compatible with 98% of vehicles. 
2% of cars may still come up with errors and Hyper flash.

To fit the front globes you may need remove battery and release tge front headlight (3 Screws) to fit the LED globe back into the lens.

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