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Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series 2016+ - Smoked Taillights with Black Trims

Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series 2016+ - Smoked Taillights with Black Trims

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Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series - 2016+
Smoked Taillights with Chrome or Black Trims

We now have two styles of lights available.

  • New 2024 Style have Running Blinker Globes that move across both lenses integrating the inside and outside lenses together and are full LED including Reverse Globes. 
  • Older Style are the same as factory lights with Blinker on outside lens only & Reverse on inside lens only. We do however sell High Quality LED globe upgrades for Blinkers & Reverse Globes (sold Separately)
  • Premium tail lights for left and right side
  • Suits Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series 2016+
  • Compatible with all models
  • Smoked lenses
  • More bright and reliable LED version
  • Ultra durable, weather resistant
  • Fully functional, brake/rear/reverse/turn signal
  • Sealed design to withstand any harsh Aussie conditions
  • No drilling or cutting required, OEM replacement
  • Plug & play connectors
  • Easy for DIY installation or modification
  • Centre Rear Trim (Toyota Part Painted) Part# 76801-60341

Fitting Instructions:

* Simply remove your factory lights
* Remove factory wiring (plugs) from the back of your factory Lights
* Remove Rear Door Trim (Clips only)
* Install replacement Rear Door Trim first 
* Install factory wiring (plugs) onto our lights
* Fit lights back onto vehicle 

Note: Fitting 2024 New Style Lights requires running two supplied cables from the outside lights to the inside lights through rear trim by pulling off the rear rubber and pushing cable behind trim and into the tailgate. 
Cables are all plug and play...

Model: OEM replacement tail lights
Condition: Brand New
Material: Reinforced ABS
Function: Running/ Brake/ Indicator/ Reverse
Size: Same as original
Weight: 7.0kg

1 x Pair LED taillights
with Black Trims they also include 1 x Centre Rear Door Trim to match


1 Year Warranty from date of purchase

Lights are purchased and fitted at buyers own risk and you may need to check local rules, laws and guidelines for use.
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