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Midi Fuse Holders - Double

Midi Fuse Holders - Double

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Double Midi Fuse Holder

  • Compact ANS Bolt on Style Fuse
  • Used for Current protection in Automotive and Marine Applications
  • Fuses are secured with Bolt and Lug
  • We have made using these very easy and simple by having a removable 'Bridging plate' on the Terminal side of the Midi Fuse Holder to reduce costs and keep your wiring neat and tidy.

  • Type: ANS - Bolt Down Fuse - Midi Fuse
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Plastic with Gold Plating internal
  • Capacity: 32V 12V DC
  • Amperage: 20-200A
  • Lug Size: Various up to 16mm


  • 1 x Double Midi Fuse Holder

Other Option Available under Quantity Listings
Lugs and Fuses are not included in these listings.


Upgrade your automotive or marine applications with our premium trade-quality Double Midi Fuse Holders. Designed for durability and reliability, our ANS Bolt Down Style Fuse Holders ensure secure current protection. With capacities ranging from 20-200A and various lug sizes available, our Double Midi Fuse Holders are suitable for a wide range of needs. Plus, with a removable 'Bridging plate' for easy installation and maintenance, wiring has never been simpler. Don't compromise on safety – choose our Plastic with Gold Plating internal Double Midi Fuse Holders today.

Explore our range of Midi Fuse Holders for all your automotive and marine needs!

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