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Deep Cycle Systems

DCS - 200ah Slimline Lithium Battery & Bundles

DCS - 200ah Slimline Lithium Battery & Bundles

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12V 200AH Lithium Ion Battery
| Deep Cycle |
Engine Starting




Explosion-proof / No leakage



Low Internal Resistance / Proven Stability



Ultra-long cycle life



Contracted A Grade cell supply.

  • Perfect for UTEs, Dual Cabs, and Campers, Capable of Starting Large Diesel Engines with 1200 LCA.
  • DCS 3.2V 5.0 – 7.2Ah Cylindrical (LifePO4) Cells
  • Equipped with DCS BMS and Active CMS
  • Housed in a Metal Enclosure with a White Pearlescent Finish
  • Weight: 31.50KGs
  • 2500 Cycles @ 100% DOD ≥ 80% Capacity Retention @ 25°C
  • Temperature working range -25 degrees to 80 degrees C
  • Backed by a 5-year Warranty.

The 200Ah slim lines feature a pair of terminals on each side (POS & NEG) that are internally bridged with copper busbars – this allows more surface area for more connections and the ability to run two cables one off each pair of terminals for large inverters and also comes in handy when expanding multiple batteries in parallel.

Encased in a metal enclosure, ensures these batteries are fully serviceable and even after the 5yr warranty period has lapased all parts, cell packs and Battery Management Systems are available and supported and these batteries can be returned to our service department for servicing and upgrades.

Featuring our Australian designed and developed DCS Battery Management System and Cell Management System this power plant supports 3000W inverters and has also been designed to pass Military Standards 810G vibration testing and ensures these batteries remain super reliable even in the most punishing of conditions.

All DCS batteries now feature our comprehensive Bluetooth System available on both Android and Apple operating systems that shows a lot of cool things.

These slimline DCS batteries are ideal for utes, dual cabs and for squeezing in between drawers and in campers. Why not run your entire vehicle from one of these? They provide 1200 LCA’s, so they will start even the largest of diesel engines. It is an amazing battery technology that can do it all.

  • Cell status showing real-time cell balancing operation
  • BMS MOSFET temperature (great info when you are winching or running a large inverting load or your trolling motor to know how hard you are pushing the electronics).
  • SOC% estimate (using impedance tracking – the App learns the SOC after the first 10 cycles)
  • Battery pack voltage and cycle count
  • Amp meter – showing charge and discharge current
  • Connectivity distance up to 10m
  • Now there is no need to install battery monitors or shunts in boats, campers or vehicles. You have all the info you need at your fingertips.
  • The SOC estimate is accurate on single batteries, the more batteries that are expanded in parallel, the less accurate the SOC becomes.
  • This free application provides the perfect tell-tale about the battery packs state of health as it ages
  • Assists installers & integrators to quickly diagnose any system issues.

Items are shipped directly from the manufacturer. There may be short delays on Stock availability, however it's not normally longer than a few weeks, if it is required urgently, please send us message to check availability. 

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