Landcruiser 70 Series Retro Grills

Landcruiser 70 Series Retro Grills

What is a 70 Series Landcruiser Retro Grill?

A 70 Series Landcruiser Retro Grill is a stylish and functional accessory that can transform the front end of your Landcruiser. It is designed to replace the stock grill with a retro-inspired design, giving your vehicle a unique and eye-catching look.

Why Should You Consider Installing a Retro Grill?

Installing a retro grill on your 70 Series Landcruiser can offer several benefits. Firstly, it enhances the overall appearance of your vehicle, giving it a more vintage and rugged look. Whether you're a fan of classic design or simply want to stand out on the road, a retro grill is a great option.

Secondly, a retro grill can improve the airflow to your engine. The design of the grill allows for better ventilation, which can help keep your engine cool, especially during off-road adventures or in hot climates. This can lead to improved performance and longevity of your vehicle.

How to Choose the Right Retro Grill for Your 70 Series Landcruiser?

When selecting a retro grill for your 70 Series Landcruiser, there are a few factors to consider. Firstly, you'll want to choose a grill that is specifically designed to fit your Landcruiser model. This ensures a proper fit and easy installation.

Additionally, consider the material of the grill. Ensure its made from ABS Plastic so that its durable and resistance to UV. It can withstand the elements and maintain its appearance for years to come.

Lastly, think about the design and style of the retro grill. There are various options available, from classic horizontal slats to more intricate patterns. Choose a design that complements the overall aesthetic of your Landcruiser and reflects your personal style.

How to Install a Retro Grill on Your 70 Series Landcruiser?

Installing a retro grill on your 70 Series Landcruiser is a relatively straightforward process. Start by removing the stock grill from the front end of your vehicle. This typically involves removing a few screws or clips.

Once the stock grill is removed, align the retro grill with the mounting points on your Landcruiser. Secure it in place using the provided hardware, such as screws or brackets. Make sure the grill is securely attached and aligned properly.

Finally, double-check the installation to ensure everything is secure and the grill is properly aligned. Give it a test drive to ensure there are no vibrations or rattling noises.


A 70 Series Landcruiser Retro Grill is a fantastic accessory to enhance the look of your vehicle. Not only does it give your Landcruiser a unique and stylish appearance, but it also improves airflow to your engine, leading to better performance and longevity. Choose the right retro grill for your Landcruiser, and follow the installation instructions for a hassle-free upgrade. Get ready to turn heads and enjoy the benefits of a retro grill on your 70 Series Landcruiser!

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