landcruiser 200 series aftermarket accessories

landcruiser 200 series aftermarket accessories

Are you a proud owner of a LandCruiser 200 Series? If so, you already know that this iconic vehicle is built to handle any terrain and conquer the toughest challenges. But did you know that you can take your LandCruiser to the next level with aftermarket accessories? In this blog post, we will explore the top aftermarket accessories that can enhance your LandCruiser 200 Series.

1. Dual Battery and Midi Fuse Setups

Complete Vehicle Designs has multiple Custom Midi Fuse Setups to suit the Landcruiser 200 Series. The Midi Fuse setups allows you to distribute power from your Start and/or Auxiliary Battery to all your Accessories safely. When you're venturing into rugged terrains and unknown locations having a professional Dual Battery Midi Fuse Setup is vital. 

2. Spyder Grills

To get that custom look for your 200 Series and set it apart from the pack, we have designed the Spyder Style Grill for the 200 Series. Available for both Pre-Facelift and Post Facelift these are the coolest grills available for your 200 Series. They are available in multiple Colour options including Matte Black, Gloss Black and Chrome/Dark Graphite. 

3. LED Bumper Lights (2016+)

Yes, we have LED Bumper lights to replace the RED reflectors in your rear bumper. These LED bumper lights work via a piggy back cable from your rear taillights to the bumper lights (plug and play) and they are setup for Brake & Taillights. These really complement our Smoked Taillights and the look of your 200 Series

4. Blackout Badges

We have the full badge kits to blackout your 200 series badges front and back. Available in Matte black these replacement badges are professionally 2 Pac Painted in Australia and absolutely give your 200 series Landcruiser a brand new vibe and look. 

5. Smoked Taillights

For those people who are serious about that custom look then you can't go past the Smoked Taillights with Black Trims. Our Smoked taillights are available with Matte or Gloss Black Trims to suit the badge kits. These look absolutely awesome with our LED Bumper Lights and blackout badges. 

6. LED Globe Enhancement

We have high grade LED globes available for your Landcruiser to enhance the brightness of your Reverse and Blinker Globes. Our globes are 3080, Canbus approved globes that are absolutely leaps and bounds above the factory halogen globes. When doing the Smoked Taillight upgrade, we strongly recommend the LED upgrade as well. 


By investing in these aftermarket accessories, you can take your LandCruiser 200 Series to new heights with its appearance and appeal. So, gear up and get ready to elevate your 200 Series Landcruiser and get out there for your next off-road adventures with these top-notch standout accessories!

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